Boredom and loneliness stems from not having anything constructive to do.  We typically find ourselves bored and lonely at the end of the day or weekend because we have not filled our lives with any meaningful activities.  I mean constructive; empowering, insightful and encouraging activities that involve not only ourselves, but others.

When was the last time you…

  • Volunteered (to help encourage others)
  • Read a good book (to gain insight)
  • Went to a lecture (listened to one) or learned something new (to empower yourself to become better or sharpen the saw)
  • Joined a bible study
  • Had a bible study at your own house
  • Volunteered at your local church (And actually served with gratitude and gladness as if your livelihood depended on it, like you do your job)
  • Went to a movie by yourself
  • Traveled by yourself and explored a city or countryside

And most importantly, when was the last time you ever took time out to seek God about what it is he’s calling you to do?  What is that thing you’re good at, that you do sweatlessly and without effort, that can be used to build the kingdom?  If you’re bored and lonely, examine your life, judge yourself and ask, “have I really dedicated this life to Him,” then act accordingly.

Single friends, even married ones, often ask me if I get lonely, and honestly, I don’t have time to be lonely.  Between what I do in ministry, whether it’s at Metro Life Church, Bridge of Acadiana, my own personal ministry, or anything I’m summoned to do for family, and/or professionally, there just isn’t much room for boredom.  But I have been bored when some of these things somehow weren’t a priority in my life.  I love my solace, because between everything I just mentioned, I don’t have time for much of anything else.  The most important people in my life have been met at every place I’ve mentioned.

Get busy about the Fathers business and you’ll find yourself living a much more fulfilling life.  (Luke 2:49)  Now THAT my friends, is WWJD.